Thursday, 26 February 2015

Black Crows

I have a variety of birds visit my bird bath, lots of little birds splashing about and making wonderful noises. Today I was surprised to see two big black crows sitting on the edge of the bird bath, they had brought some bread with them and dropped it into the water. They let it soften a bit then ate it, I tried to get a photo of them at the bird bath but even though I was quiet as could be, before I could get close they flew away. After a couple of minutes they returned, I managed to get a few photos of them through the lounge room window, on the ground eating the bread. You can see there is still some bread left in the bird bath, I will have to empty it and clean it out so when the other birds come it will be clean for them to bathe in. Isn't nature wonderful, if you just look around there are lots of special things to be seen. I imagine the crows thought the bread was too dry and hard to eat and they were smart enough to know where to find water to soften it. Clever birds!

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