Saturday, 20 June 2015

Birthday Cards

My niece's triplets had their birthday while I was away, and I have only just finished making birthday cards for them. They turned 11 this year and are mad keen Harry Potter fans, I found these great journals while I was overseas and thought they would be a great birthday present.

As in every family each child is very different to the others, and it's no different with the triplets. There are two boys and a girl, Max is  keen on sports and loves everything that goes fast, Atticus prefers the piano and loves entertaining. Where as Gretel really enjoys reading and often has more than one book on the go at the same time. Consequently I have made three completely different birthday cards for them. What do you think?

The typewriter card is an unusual one, when you open it it has a perforated section that I have made into a bookmark, that can be torn off and used.

I hope you enjoy your weekend, whatever you have planned maybe some crafting or gardening.

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