Thursday, 27 November 2014

Christmas Ideas

With Christmas just 4 weeks  away I have been spending more time at my crafting table. Here are a few more ideas for Christmas crafts. The blue bag is made using 2 sheets of 12x12 Christmas paper, the tag is cut from the Artiste Cricut cartridge and then stamped with the ornament stamp. The brown paper bags are quite cheap to buy and when you decorate them with Christmas paper and stamps they look great. I made these 2 Christmas cards last year but didn't use them, so they will be going out to someone this year.
 Her are the instructions to make this bag, you will need 2 sheets of the same double sided 12x12 paper. Score and fold at 3" on 3 sides of the paper and 2" at the top of the paper on both sheets. Make sure you score both sheets of paper the same. The 2" scored section will be folded down to become the contrast at the top of the bag, On one sheet cut the 2 squares where the score lines intersect at the bottom of the page, these 2 3" squares are not needed. With the other sheet of paper cut in from the sides to the intersection on both sides making 2 flaps. Take the sheet with the squares removed and glue a piece of coordinating card stock measuring 3"x 6" to the flap. This forms the base of the bag. Align the second sheet of paper so the flap covers the other flap with card stock and glue together, the card stock will now be hidden. Stand the bag up and glue the side flaps. To finish punch 2 holes at the top on both sides and thread ribbon through to make handles. I did not come up these instructions, they were kindly shared by another CTMH consultant.

Pink and lime green seem to be the new in colours for Christmas rather than the traditional green and red. I think they are nice for a change.

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