Thursday, 29 January 2015

Glimpses of my garden

I have been spending time in my garden tidying it up and planting some flower seedlings. My sister gave me some rose bushes for my birthday and I planted them in the front yard with two others that I planted about 12 months ago. I love roses and can't wait until I have enough flowers to cut and bring inside.  I love that the birds visit my garden and my bird bath. My fishpond finally has fish, I have 3 goldfish and one white and gold fish.

I recently hung a birdseed brick in one of the trees, I have never seen any birds eating the seeds but I noticed this morning that it was all gone. So I bought a new one today and hung in the same tree hopefully I will see who is eating the seed. I found this little birds nest under one of the trees in my front yard, it looks like it belonged to one of the many native honeyeaters that visit everyday. It is so well constructed the twigs are all entwined and the bottom of the nest is lined with bits of lint and fluff so it would be nice and soft for the new little birds.

Early mornings and late afternoons there are a flock of parrots that visit a fig tree next door. They make a lot of noise but I still enjoy their visit, I took a photo but as I don't have a zoom lens it's just a colourful speck in the tree. There is still lots of work to be done in the garden but I am slowly getting  it finished. I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse of my garden.

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