Tuesday, 23 December 2014

"Only 2 more sleeps"

Only two more sleeps til Christmas, I have my niece Laura's daughter Xanthe and another niece Emma's daughter Lucy staying with me for a few days. They kindly wrapped some of my Christmas presents for me. The older one Xanthe loves wrapping presents and they did a great job. They are both very excited about Christmas, and are counting down the days until Christmas. I can remember being very excited about Christmas as a child, it was absolutely the best time of the year. My parents always made it so special, there were six children in my family and in the 1950's and 60's money was always in short supply. Yet as I said my parents really made it a special time for all of us. Santa's gifts always arrived unwrapped under the tree on Christmas morning regardless of how early we awoke. My mother has told me sometimes it was only a few hours after they had gone to bed that we were all awake and rearing to open our presents. In those days many of the toys that we received had to be assembled before being put under the tree, that's why my parents had only managed a few hours sleep before we were eager to wake them and get started with the serious business of opening our gifts. Pretty much every year we would ask how did they know which of the unwrapped presents belonged to each of us, we were always amazed how they could know when it was Santa that had brought them!   

Now days I know the real story of Christmas and how God allowed his son to come to earth, born of a virgin, to be our saviour and king. I am so thankful that He loved us enough to do this. Knowing this yet I still get excited about Santa coming and sharing this special time with the children.  I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and may your New Year be filled with happiness and joy.

Santa's helpers wrapping presents.

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